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Amber Veneziana Lapidus Gold
Aquarela* New Caledonia
Arabian Black New Napoleon
Black Indian New Venetian Gold
Blue Night Ouro Brasil
Blue Pearl Pergaminho
Bordeaux Premium Black
Braziliam Black Red Dragon
Brownie Royal Brown
Chocolate Pearl St Cecilia Classic
Crema Bordeaux St Cecelia Dark
Ice Blue Storm Cloud
Ella* Summer
Four Seasons Sunshine
Giallo Fiorito Sucuri Brown
Giallo Macaubas* Super Classico
Giallo Mountain TropicBrown
Giallo Ornamental Uba Tuba
Giallo Vicenza Verde Butterfly
Gold Butterfly Verde Marinace Green
Key West Gold White Macaubas*
Labirinthi Wild Wine*
Labirinthi Gold Yellow Tiger
El Dorado  

List Page and photo page 1 2 3 

* QUARTZ (sometimes called Quartzite) is another natural stone material used to make kitchens and bathroom countertops.  It is sought after primarily because quartz is a crystalline substance of much beauty and depth that adds shimmering good looks to any surface.  Natural quartz is an extremely hard and dense material that can usually deal with high temperatures and pressures without damage. The surface of natural quarried quartz can be incredibly smooth, making it highly desirable for countertop use. Quartz is also just as strong as both granite and marble due to its tough internal structure. It is also far less porous than both of these surfaces, meaning less fear of stains permanently damaging the surface.